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This is a mirrored article

(by Ray Earnest)

PAGE 406


Congressional Resolutions declaratory of the relations between the

United States and the "territory" once occupied by certain States, and

now usurped by pretended governments, without constitutional or legal right.

"Whereas certain States, rightfully belonging to the Union of the

United States, have through their respective governments wickedly

undertaken to abjure all those duties by which their connection with the

Union was maintained; to renounce all allegiance to the Constitution;

to levy war upon the National Government; and, for the consummation of

this treason, have unconstitutionally and unlawfully confederated

together, with the declared purpose of putting an end by force to the

supremacy of the Constitution within their respective limits; and whereas

this condition of insurrection, organized by pretended governments, openly

exists in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi,

Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Virginia, except in Eastern

Tennessee and Western Virginia, and has been declared by the President of

the United States, in a proclamation duly made in conformity with an act

of Congress, to exist throughout this territory, with the exceptions

already named; and whereas the extensive territory thus usurped by these

pretended governments and organized into a hostile confederation, belongs

to the United States, as an inseparable part thereof, under the sanctions

of the Constitution, to be held in trust for the inhabitants in the

present and future generations, and is so completely interlinked with the

Union that it is forever dependent thereon; and whereas the Constitution,

which is the supreme law of the land, cannot be displaced in its rightful

operation within this territory, but must ever continue the supreme law

thereof, notwithstanding of the doings of any pretended governments acting

singly or in confederation, in order to put an end to its supremacy:

Therefore --

      1.  Resolved, That any vote of succession or other act by which any

State may undertake to put an end to the supremacy of the Constitution

within its territory is inoperative and void against the Constitution,

and when sustained by force it becomes a practical abdication by the

"State of" all rights under the Constitution, while the treason which it

involves still further works an instant forfeiture of all those functions

and powers essential to the continued existence of the State as a body

politic, so that from that time forward the territory falls under the

exclusive jurisdiction of Congress as other territory, and the State

being, according to the language of the law, felo-de-se, ceases to exist.

      2.  That any combination of men assuming to act in the place of

such state, attempting to ensnare or coerce the inhabitants thereof into

a confederation hostile to the Union is rebellious, treasonable, and

destitute of all moral authority; and that such combination is a

usurpation incapable of any constitutional existence and utterly lawless,

so that every thing dependent upon it is without constitutional or legal


      3.  That the termination of a State under the Constitution

necessarily causes the termination of those peculiar local institutions

which, having no origin in the Constitution or in those natural rights

which exist independent of the Constitution, are upheld by the sole and

exclusive authority of the State.

      4.  That slavery, being a peculiar local institution, derived from

local laws, without any origin in the Constitution or in natural rights,

is upheld by the sole and exclusive authority of the State, and must

therefore cease to exist legally or constitutionally when the State on

which it depends no longer exists; for the incident cannot survive the


      5.  That in the exercise of its exclusive jurisdiction over the

territory once occupied by the States, it is the duty of Congress to see

that the supremacy of the Constitution is maintained in its essential

principles, so that everywhere in this extensive territory slavery shall

cease to exist practically, as it has already ceased to exist

constitutionally or legally.

      6.  That any recognition of slavery in such territory, or any

surrender of slaves under the pretended laws of the extinct States by any

officer of the United States, civil or military, is a recognition of the

pretended governments, to the exclusion of the jurisdiction of Congress

under the Constitution, and is in the nature of aid and comfort to the

rebellion that has been organized.

      7.  That any such recognition of slavery or surrender of pretended

slaves, besides being a recognition of the pretended governments, giving

them aid and comfort, is a denial of the rights of persons who, by the

extinction of the States, have become free, so that under the

Constitution, they cannot again be enslaved.

      8.  That allegiance from the inhabitant and protection from the

Government are corresponding obligations, dependent upon each other, so

that while the allegiance of every inhabitant of this territory, without

distinction of color or class, is due to the United States, and cannot in

any way be defeated by the action of any pretended Government, or by any

pretence of property or claim to service, the corresponding obligation of

protection is at the same time due by the United States to every such

inhabitant, without distinction of color or class; and it follows that

inhabitants held as slaves, whose paramount allegiance is due to the

United States, may justly look to the National Government for protection.

      9.  That the duty directly cast upon Congress by the extinction of

the States is reinforced by the positive prohibition of the Constitution

that "no State shall enter into any confederation," or "without the

consent of Congress keep troops or ships-of-war in time of peace, or

enter into any agreement or compact with another State," or "grant letters

of marque and reprisal," or "coin money," or "emit bills of credit,"

or "without the consent of Congress lay any duties on imports or exports,"

all of which have been done by these pretended governments, and also by

the positive injunction of the Constitution, addressed to the Nation, that

"the United States shall guaranty to every State in this Union a

republican form of government;" and that in pursuance of this duty cast

upon Congress, and further enjoined by the Constitution, Congress will

assume complete jurisdiction of such "vacated" territory where such

unconstitutional and illegal things have been attempted, and will proceed

to establish therein republican forms of government under the

Constitution; and in the execution of this trust will provide carefully

for the protection of all the inhabitants thereof, for the security of

families, the organization of labor, the encouragement of industry, and

the welfare of society, and will in every way discharge the duties of

a just, merciful, and "paternal Government."  These are the words of

the Congress of l862, four years before the introduction of the

"Fourteenth Amendment" which was a declaration of war against the very

constitution the above resolution was supposed to have provided

protection.  Instead, it destroyed not only the Constitution but the

freedom and way of life it was designed to protect.  The Constitution

guaranteed no such "paternal" government as would be provided by the

traitors of Congress in 1862, and those who have been a part of that

conspiracy to this date.  The sovereign Citizens are the "paternal"

creators of government, both state and federal.  It is impossible for

the child of the creator to be "paternal" to its own father.

     By the above it can be seen that the lie was established to make the

Citizenry believe that the Civil War was to be fought for the abolition of

slavery and preservation of the Constitution.  It was fought for neither cause,

but for the destruction of the Constitution and enslavement of all

"inhabitants."  The "paternal" and the "welfare" parts of the resolution give us

an insight of what was to come under the "new" government which would be

established by the "Fourteenth Amendment."


     Since this country was established the international money changers had

their eyes on the wealth of the Nation.  Time and again their attempts at

"federal" banking was thwarted by the true patriots in power who put the

country and its Citizenry first in their services to their country, and the

international thieves had a very difficult time in establishing (buying) their

way into our government.  Just prior to the Civil War machinery was on the

drawing boards in this Nation which would make slavery obsolete, and in a few

short years it would have ended without struggle and bloodshed.  The money

changers realized this and stepped up their efforts to gain footholds into the

pockets of the American "doers."  The Civil War eliminated the barriers

previously encountered by the money changers and the "Fourteenth Amendment" was

the key to all future doors to total control of this Nation and its riches.

It was forced upon the Citizens of this Nation with the point of the bayonet,

backed up with lies and deceit which has been carried through to the present


     At the end of the Civil War state governments were reinstated in the South

and remained so for a period of eighteen months, during which time the

Thirteenth Amendment was ratified.  In l866 the 14th Amendment was presented to

the states for ratification, and, of course was defeated because of the eleven

Southern states and the state of New Jersey refused to kowtow to the radicals

in Congress.  For this action a senator from New Jersey was ousted from Congress

and the representatives from the eleven Southern states were refused further

seating in the Congress.  "Reconstruction" was then forced upon the "Rebel"

states, legitimate governments being replaced by military commanders and their

selected carpetbaggers and blacks.  Of course, the Fourteenth Amendment was then

presented to these unlawful governments and was considered "ratified."

     On July 20, 1868, the Secretary of State for the United States of America

declared that an insufficient number of states had ratified the Fourteenth

Amendment to make it a part of the Constitution. During the following week the

Congress of the United States, without constitutional power to do so, declared

the Fourteenth Amendment a part of the Constitution.  This in spite of the fact

that representatives from eleven states had been removed from Congress and,

therefore the right to vote on the amendment.  The amendment was not presented

to President Johnson for his approval/disapproval, nor were any of the other

Constitutional requirements met.  In short, this supposed amendment was forced

upon the people at the point of the bayonet, and Congress has removed the right

of the supreme Court of the United States to hear and rule on this issue to this

date. This underhanded machination by the Congress would be thrown out by any

and every court in the world which could hear it, and the Congress knew it.

But what is on the surface is all that one sees.  For the truth it is necessary

to return to the resolution of Congress at the start of this paper.  In their

own words the Congress, by declaring war on the Constitution, instituted a new

government in this Nation with its own citizenry.  Item number one of their

resolution explains this fact very thoroughly, to wit:

          "Resolved, That any vote of succession or other act by which any

     State may undertake to put an end to the supremacy of the Constitution

     within its territory is inoperative and void against the Constitution,

     and when sustained by force it becomes a practical abdication by the

     State of all rights under the Constitution, while the treason which it

     involves still further works an instant forfeiture of all those functions

     and powers essential to the continued existence of the State as a body

     politic, --- and the State being, according to the language of the law,

     felo-de-se, ceases to exist."

     By the "Fourteenth Amendment" and other unconstitutional acts (removal of

elected representatives and "reconstruction" to mention two) separated the

Congress from the organic Constitution and, though they still pay lip service to

that organic document, the federal Constitution now consists of Articles of

Amendment XI through XXVI(I).

     That it is a separate government there is no doubt.  The U.S. Supreme Court

(not to be confused with the Constitutional supreme Court of the United States)

has ruled on numerous occasions what the new government is, and a few of these

rulings will be quoted further on in this paper.

     For those who may be unaware of the facts, Washington, D.C. is a State for

political purposes.  Further, there are now three entities known as the

United States.  In Black's Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition, under "United States"

we find:

          "This term has several meanings.  It may be merely the name of a

     sovereign occupying the position analogous to that of other sovereigns in

     family of Nations, it may designate territory over which sovereignty of

     United States extends, or it may be collective name of the states which are

     united by and under the Constitution.  Hooven & Allison Co. v. Evatt,

     324 U.S. 652, 65 S.Ct. 870, 880, 89 L.Ed. 1252."

     The current United States (de facto) is the second as defined above, and

its "territories" include (restricted to) Washington, D.C., Guam, American

Samoa, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, bases, ports and naval yards ceded

the U.S. by the states, and a few minor possessions which are claimed by

the U.S.  The Congress gets its powers of government for these territories from

Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution, and these governing

powers cannot be extended over the states united (50 states).  Where the

United States(foreign government to each state) gets its authority to intervene

in state's matters derives from the fact that each state has incorporated itself

into the federal corporation, and each county (parish), city, and township have

incorporated themselves into the state corporation, and all act under corporate

rules instead of the common law instituted through the Constitution.  They have,

through these corporate entities, established corporate tribunals of arbitration

which look after the "judicial" affairs of the corporation.  There are no

independent, constitutional courts as established under Article III of the

Constitution in operation within the United States or its corporate territories,

nor are there any state equivalents.

     Although the political masses (federal, state, etc., corporations) have

united in their efforts it must be remembered that the people are the power

behind the Constitution, and the people cannot be forced into this corporate

mass without their specific and knowing consent.  When one accepts privilege

from one of these corporate entities it is assumed by the "courts" that that

person has joined the corporate mass and accepts its rules and regulations,

whether the acceptance and its consequences were explained to that person at

the time or not as required by law makes little difference to these "courts."

No repudiation of a Citizen's rights could occur as above under the organic

section of the Constitution, as Article III courts were available to the

individual Citizen to zealously protect his unalienable rights.  Most Citizens

have forfeited their rights for the bowl of porridge provided by the communist

state.  (Social Security, Workman's Compensation, Health Care, Child Care,

ad nauseum).  We have seen in the first section where Big Brother was going to

provide the "welfare of society" by the "paternal Government" and where that

provision was part of the conspiracy which brought about the Civil War and the

Fourteenth Amendment, which, of course, led to the communist government now in

place in this Nation.  In order to provide further proof to those who still

doubt that the conspiracy did exist we must repeat and dissect that "amendment"

and see what it means, and to whom it pertains.

ARTICLE (Amendment)14

          Section l.  All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and

     subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and

     of the State wherein they reside.  No State shall make or enforce any law

     which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the

     United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty,

     or property without due process of law, nor deny to any person within its

     jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

          Section 2.  Representatives shall be apportioned among the several

     States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of

     persons in each State, excluding Indians not taxed.  But when the right to

     vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice-

     President of the United States, representatives in Congress, the executive

     and judicial officers of a State, or the members of the legislature

     thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being

     twenty-one years of age and citizens of the United States, or in any way

     abridged, except foor participation in rebellion or other crime, the basis

     of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the

     number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male

     citizens twenty-one years of age in such State.

          Section 3.  No person shall be a senator or representative in

     Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office,

     civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having

     previously taken an oath as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the

     United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive

     or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the

     United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against

     the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.  But Congress

     may, by a vote of two-thirds of each house, remove such disability.

          Section 4.  The validity of the public debt of the United States,

     authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and

     bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not

     be questioned.  But neither the United States nor any State shall assume

     or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion

     against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of

     any slave; but all such debts, obligations, and claims shall be held

     illegal and void.

          Section 5.  The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate

     legislation, the provisions of this article.

     Now that we know what the "United States" (de facto) is, we can understand

that this Fourteenth Amendment is a federal (feudal) Amendment and cannot

pertain to the true Citizen (We, the People) of this Nation.  Since it is the

Citizen who makes government is it not his duty to "question" anything that

government does, including the "public debt?"  Remember that this "public debt"

was mentioned in the Congressional Resolution of February 1l, 1862.  As of

July 10, l868, when the Fourteenth Amendment was "ratified" the debt issue had

not surfaced, nor would it for another forty-five years (in l913) when the

Federal Reserve Act was forced upon the people.  The facts are being assembled

here to show without doubt that a conspiracy to enslave the people of this

Nation existed prior to the Civil War, included the Civil War, and all

unconstitutional events leading to the socialist/communist government of today.

     The purpose of the Fourteenth Amendment was not only to establish a

territorial government in this Nation but to force citizenship onto a people

who were brought to this Nation in chains, and who had not a word to say about

whether they accepted this citizenship or not.  In short, the slaves were

considered "war prizes" and were, in reality, not freed from slavery by the

federal government or the Thirteenth Amendment, but their slave masters only

changed - from private ownership to that of an outlaw government, which would

eventually bring the true constitutional Citizenry under their whips.  Congress

cannot force its citizenship upon any white inhabitant of this Nation, and the

United States Supreme Court as early as l967 has confirmed this.

          "Aside from limitation of U.S.C.A. Const. Amend. l4, Congress has no

     general power, express or implied, to take away an American citizen's

     citizenship without his consent. Afroyim v. Rusk, N. Y. 1967,

     87 S.Ct. 1660, 387 U.S. 253, 18 L.Ed.2d 757."

     Most white Americans are under the impression that they are in fact

"United States" citizens.  They dutifully pay income taxes, Social Security

and other taxes which are due only from United States citizens, and accept

the other orders of a foreign government "United States" as if they were

obliged to obey these unconstitutional commands.  To emphasize the fact

that federal amendments to the Constitution pertain only to "United States"

citizens, the Sixteenth Amendment is a good example.  When income taxation was

introduced in Congress in 1897 it was ruled unconstitutional by the

supreme Court of the United States because the territorial citizens had the

rights of uniform taxation as did State Citizens.  The Sixteenth Amendment

authorized the taxation of United States citizens and resident aliens, and

others drawing income from the United States or its corporations.  This

amendment did not, nor cannot bring this taxation on the state Citizen because

it is prohibited by the organic Constitution, unless it meets the conditions

of the organic constitution, and that is it be uniform.

     Subjects of the Fourteenth Amendment, and territorial subjects are

creations of Congress, and as such can be taxed out of existence.  To tax

is to have the power to destroy.  Can it be imagined that the writers of the

Constitution would place a document before the people for their ratification

which could destroy them or their power to govern?  It would be preposterous

to think so.  The true Citizens of this Nation are sovereigns, and are the

power behind government.  They are answerable only to their God, as He is their

creator.  Only the creator has the power of life and death over his creations,

and the United States Congress are the creators of 14th Amendment and

territorial subjects.  Any white state Citizen who would knowingly cede his

unalienable rights for slavery deserves all that the de-facto government can

place upon him.  The first Civil Rights Act passed by Congress on April 9, 1866

separates these two citizenships quite adequately, and was through the purported

l4th Amendment:

          "That all persons born in the United States and not subject to any

     foreign power, ... are hereby declared to be citizens of the United States,

     and such citizens of every race and color, without regard to any previous

     condition of slavery or involuntary servitude, shall have the same right in

     every State and Territory in the United States ... AS IS ENJOYED BY


     (see also 14 Stat 27).

     To further distinguish between the two obvious types of citizenship in this

Nation the summarization in Van Valkenburg v. Brown, 43 Cal. 43, 47 (l872) is

hereby presented:

          "It is claimed that the plaintiff is a citizen of the United States

     and of this State.  Undoubtedly she is.  It is argued that she became such

     by force of the first section of the Fourteenth Amendment, already recited.

     This, however, is a mistake.  It could well be claimed that she became free

     by the effects of the Thirteenth Amendment, by which slavery was abolished,

     for she was no less a citizen than she was free before the adoption of

     either of these amendments.  No white person ... owes the status of

     citizenship to the recent amendments to the Federal Constitution.

          "The history and aim of the Fourteenth Amendment is well understood.

     That purpose was to confer the status of citizenship upon a numerous

     class of persons domiciled within the limits of the United States,

     who could not be brought within the operation of the naturalization laws

     because native born, and whose birth, though native, had at the same

     time left them without the status of citizenship. These persons were not

     white persons, but were, in the main, persons of African descent, who had

     been held in slavery in this country, or, if having themselves never been

     held in slavery, were the native-born descendants of slaves."

     The corporate tribunals posing as "courts" in the state and federal

jurisdictions refuse to accept the fact that two types of citizenships exist

in this Nation, and they make every effort to force their administrative rules

upon those not subject to these rules.  Their "codes", "statutes",

"regulations", and other "law" applicable to Fourteenth Amendment "subjects"

cannot be imposed upon a state Citizen, nor do State's rights apply to

Fourteenth Amendment subjects:

          "United States citizenship does not entitle citizens to rights and

     privileges of state Citizenship."  K. Tashiro v. Jordan, 256 P. 545.

          "Citizenship of the United States does not entitle citizens to

     privileges and immunities of citizens of a state, since privileges and

     immunities of citizens of one are not the same as the other."

     It is very important for those persons holding public office who think

they are United States citizens, and are compelled to performance by the

Fourteenth Amendment to familiarize themselves with U.S. v. Cruikshank,

92 U.S. 542, 549, 23 L.Ed. 588; The Slaughter house Cases, 83 U.S. 395, 407;

and Cross v. Board of Supervisors of Elections, 22lA. 2d 431, which read:

          "Both before and after the Fourteenth Amendment to the federal

     Constitution, it has not been necessary for a person to be a citizen of

     the United States in order to be a citizen of his state."

     Every state of the Union is in itself a "country", a sovereign, and an

alien to the United States, as they are to each other except as provided

otherwise by the Constitution.  P.L. l00-702, [102 Stat. 4672-4673],

Sec. 1022; 28 USC 297(b).  And that is a "foreign corporation" to the

United States: 20 C.J.S. 1786; In re Merriam, 36 N.E. 505, 14l N.Y. 479,

affirmed 16 S.Ct. 1073, 163 U.S. 625, 41 L.Ed. 287.

     Since the United States Congress has no power to force citizenship

(outside the Fourteenth Amendment) upon any person, all white persons born

within one of the fifty states (outside federal jurisdiction) is a state

Citizen, and cannot automatically become a United States citizen.

On July 27, 1868, only ten days after the Fourteenth Amendment was declared

"ratified," the (then) United States Congress enacted the "Expatriation Act"

which guarantees any United States citizen the right to expatriate himself

freely, and defined the acts of expatriation.  In Mandoll v. Acheson,

App. D. C. 1952, 73 S.Ct. 135, 344 U.S. 133, 97 L.Ed. 146, we find:

          "Native born citizen who acquired derivative dual citizenship was not

     required to elect American citizenship upon attaining majority in order to

     retain such citizenship and did not lose his United States citizenship by

     foreign residence long continued after attaining his majority."

     And in Coumas v. Superior Court in and for San Joaquin County, 1948,

192 P. 2d 449, 31 Cal. 2d 682, the court ruled:

          "The doctrine of "expatriation" in fullest sense involves natural and

     inherent right of person to depart from his country of origin and absolve

     himself from allegiance thereto on identifying himself with another

     political community through naturalization."

     The "United States", through its enforcement of its corporate interests

upon the states through political and economic blackmail, can control the effect

of those "privileges" extended to the states, but these privileges cannot confer

United States citizenship upon those who have not knowingly and with intent

denounced their state citizenships, and been naturalized by that political

entity to which they have expatriated themselves, and domiciliary action is a

requirement for such expatriation, as is shown above.  While all United States

citizens are Nationals of this Country, all Nationals are not United States

citizens.  Under Chapter l2 (21) of Title 8, U.S.C., it be noted that: "The term

"National" means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state."  To become a

United States citizen, the state citizen must make his intentions known as

required by law, not just "assume" he is such citizen.  Under Section 1421

of Title 8, U.S.C., it gives jurisdiction to naturalize persons as citizens

of the United States, and paragraph (d) of this section reads:  "A person may be

naturalized as a citizen of the United States in the manner and under the

conditions prescribed in this subchapter, and not otherwise."  As was intended

by the founding fathers, all state citizens were also American Citizens, which

then "American" and "United States" Citizens were one and the same.  Creation

of the new "United States" through the Fourteenth Amendment changed this and

now the two are not synonymous.  This can be verified through the

U.S. Tax Regulations and Title 26, U.S.C..  Also, the term "State"

(when capitalized) means "The District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam,

or the Virgin Islands of the United States."  (See subparagraph (36) of

Chapter 12, Section 1421 of Title 8, U.S.C.).

     It is incumbent upon all Americans who are interested in their country

and their posterity to deny the de facto "United States." The consequences of

the l4th Amendment, as was planned in the conspiracy, are many and devastating.

It has removed our organic Constitution and replaced it with a document of

totalitarianism, and now, with the One World Government which it espouses,

brings this Nation under complete alien domination.  The United Nations, the

International Monetary Fund, and all other related international movements and

institutions (such as the Federal Reserve System) are now owned and governed by

a small group of individuals who have usurped the monetary systems of the world.

The head of the I.M.F. is none other than the Secretary of the Treasury of the

United States.  He is paid directly from the funds of the I.M.F. and, in realty,

has no connection with the states United.

     Under the guise of the 14th Amendment the judicial branch of our government

has been replaced with corporate panels of lackeys of the traitorous Congress.

The American has no intermediary between himself and the traitorous de facto

government.  The United States has, in fact, bankrupted this Nation and now

expects the Americans to bail them out with their sweat.  How much more can we

take before we say "enough!?"  There are many states whose legislatures are

awakening to the "facts" but it may be too late.  Anyone elected to the office

of President must be screened for compliance to the New World Order and if he

does not pass muster then he will not be elected.  Both mainline political

parties are bought and paid for, from dog-catcher to President, before they even

enter office.  The Political Action Committees (most of which are owned and

governed by the internationalists) pay the election fees of all political

aspirants, and this is another unconstitutional result of the unconstitutional

14th Amendment.  Under this so-called Amendment the government can and do take

your children, your wealth, your health, and your religion, and you have no

recourse - none.  When we find one or two courageous individuals in the seats

of power who have their country and posterity at interest, and who attempt to

right the terrible wrongs brought about by the lie that is called the

"Fourteenth Amendment", those Patriots run into stone walls, and finally give up

in disgust.  As stated before, any person who familiarizes himself with the

facts can see in an instant that the Amendment is fake, and is without force or

matter upon the true Citizens of this Nation.  For the purpose of gratitude,

if nothing else, an extraction is made from the Congressional Record (House)

of June 13, l967, of an attempt by one Representative from the

State of Louisiana to convince the entire Congress of the evils of the

supposed Fourteenth Amendment, and to expose the true feelings of one state

legislature at the time about the supposed Amendment.  This writer cannot agree

with this brave man as to the reason behind the Amendment, as he said it was

"but the expression of emotional outpouring of public sentiment following

the War Between the States."  He failed in his research.



Mr. PRYOR.  Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent that the gentleman from

Louisiana [Mr. Rarick] may extend his remarks at this point in the RECORD

and include extraneous matter.

The SPEAKER pro tempore.  Is there objection to the request of the gentleman

from Arkansas? There was no objection.

Mr. RARICK.  Mr. Speaker, arrogantly ignoring clear-cut expressions in

the Constitution of the United States, the declared intent of its drafters

notwithstanding our unelected Federal judges read out prohibitions of

the Constitution of the United States by adopting the fuzzy haze of

the 14th Amendment to legislate their personal ideas, prejudices, theories,

guilt complexes, aims and whims.

Through the cooperation of intellectual educators, we have subjected ourselves

to accept destructive use and meaning of words and phrases.  We blindly accept

new meanings and changed values to alter our traditional thoughts.

We have tolerantly permitted the habitual misuse of words to serve as a vehicle

to abandon our foundations and goals.  Thus, the present use and expansion of

the 14th Amendment is a sham serving as a crutch and hoodwink to precipitate

a quasi legal approach for overthrow of the tender balances and protections of

limitation found in the Constitution.

But, interestingly enough, the 14th Amendment - whether ratified or not - was

but the expression of emotional outpouring of public sentiment following the War

between the States.

Its obvious purpose and intent was but to free human beings from ownership as

a chattel by other humans.  Its aim was no more than to free the slaves.

As our politically appointed Federal judiciary proceeds down their chosen path

of chaotic departure from the peoples' government by substituting their personal

law rationalized under the 14th Amendment, their actions and verbiage brand them

and their team as secessionists - rebels with pens instead of guns - seeking to

divide our Union.

They must be stopped.  Public opinion must be aroused.  The Union must and shall

be preserved.

Mr. Speaker, I ask to include in the Record, following my remarks,

House Concurrent Resolution 208 of the Louisiana Legislature urging

this Congress to declare the 14th Amendment illegal.  Also, I include

in the Record an informative and well annotated Treatise on the Illegality

of the l4th Amendment - the play toy of our secessionist judges - which

has been prepared by Judge Leander H. Perez, of Louisiana.  The material

referred to follows:

H. CON. RES. 208



     TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES; to interpose the sovereignty of

the State of Louisiana against the execution of said amendment in this State;

to memorialize the Congress of the United States to repeal its joint resolution

of July 28, 1868 declaring that said amendment had been ratified; and to provide

for the distribution of certified copies of this resolution.

     Whereas the purported 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution was

never lawfully adopted in accordance with the requirements of the United States

Constitution because eleven states of the Union were deprived of their equal

suffrage in the Senate in violation of Article V, when eleven southern states,

including Louisiana, were excluded from deliberation and decision in the

adoption of the Joint Resolution proposing said 14th Amendment; said Resolution

was not presented to the President of the United States in order that the same

should take effect, as required by Article I, Section 7; the proposed

Amendment was not ratified by three fourths of the states , but to the contrary

fifteen states of the then thirty-seven states of the Union rejected the

proposed 14th Amendment between the dates of its submission to the states by the

Secretary of State on June 16, l866 and Resolution and making it impossible for

ratification by the constitutionally required three fourths of such states;

said southern states which were denied their equal suffrage in the Senate had

been recognized by proclamations of the President of the United States to have

duly constituted governments with all the powers which belong to free states of

the Union, and the Legislatures of seven of said southern states had ratified

the 13th Amendment which would have failed of ratification but for the

ratification of said seven southern states; and

     Whereas the Reconstruction Acts of Congress unlawfully overthrew their

existing governments, removed their lawfully constituted legislatures by

military force and replaced them with rump legislatures which carried out

military orders and pretended to ratify the 14th Amendment; and

     Whereas in spite of the fact that the Secretary of State in his first

proclamation on July 20, 1866, expressed doubt as to whether three-fourths of

the required states had ratified the 14th Amendment, Congress nevertheless

adopted a resolution on July 28, 1868, unlawfully declaring that

three-fourths of the states had ratified the 14th Amendment and directed

the Secretary of State to so proclaim, said Joint Resolution of Congress and

the resulting proclamation of the Secretary of State included the purported

ratifications of the military enforced rump legislatures of ten southern states

whose lawful legislatures had previously rejected said 14th Amendment, and also

included purported ratifications by the legislatures of the States of Ohio

and New Jersey although they had withdrawn their legislative ratifications

several months previously, all of which proves absolutely that said

l4th Amendment was not adopted in accordance with the mandatory constitutional

requirements set forth in Article V of the Constitution and therefore the

Constitution itself strikes with nullity the purported 14th Amendment.

     Now therefore be it resolved by the Legislature of Louisiana, the

House of Representatives and the Senate concurring:

      (1)  That the Legislature go on record as exposing the unconstitutionality

of the 14th Amendment, and interposes the sovereignty of the State of Louisiana

against the State of Louisiana and its people;

      (2)  That the Legislature of Louisiana opposes the use of the invalid

l4th Amendment by the Federal courts to impose further unlawful edicts and


      (3)  That the Congress of the United States be memorialized by this

Legislature to repeal its unlawful Joint Resolution of July 28, 1868,

ddeclaringthat three-fourths of the states had ratified the l4th Amendment to

the United States Constitution;

      (4)  That the Legislatures of the other states of the Union be

memorialized to give serious study and consideration to take similar

action against the validity of the 14th Amendment and to uphold and support

the Constitution of the United States which strikes said l4th Amendment with

nullity; and

      (5)  That copies of this Resolution, duly certified, together with

a copy of the treatise on "The Unconstitutionality of the 14th Amendment"

by Judge L. H. Perez, be forwarded to the Governors and Secretaries of State

of each state in the Union, and to the Secretaries of the United States

Senate and House of Congress, and to the Louisiana Congressional delegation,

a copy hereof to be published in the Congressional Record.

                Vail M. Delony Speaker of the House of Representatives

                C. C. Adcock Lieutenant Governor and President of the Senate.

     As can be seen, there is no doubt that the Fourteenth Amendment was

a sham, violates every moral aspect concerning state sovereignty, was never

ratified as mandated by the Constitution, and is, therefore null and void and

is inapplicable to state Citizens of all states United.  Even to those "new

citizens" which the l4th Amendment was supposed to create could, and have, made

issue as to its application to them, in as much as they had absolutely no say in

its "ratification," except the very few who were appointed to fill the vacancies

created in the South when the military brought in Congress' "reconstruction."

But this is their argument, and their duty to present their objections, if there

are sufficient numbers to do so, to their Congress, and have the matter settled

in their "courts."  That government (United States) is as alien to the states

United as are France, Spain, Italy, Russia, or any other sovereign state on

this Planet.

     As explained in their own words, Congress in 1862 explained what

constituted war against the Constitution, and the consequences (secession

from privileges and immunities provided by that document) incurred by such

acts.  These very acts the Congress did from 1866 to l87l, initially, and

then from l871 to the present date, to fulfill the intentions presented in

the resolution of February 11, 1862.  These acts of war against the

U.S. Constitution after 1871, to mention a few, was the abrogation of

Article III of that Constitution, by removing Article III powers from the

federal judges, thereby destroying the Republican form of Government guaranteed

by Section 4 or Article IV of the Constitution.  That Congress destroyed the

intent of the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution by bringing multitudes of

unqualified aliens into this Nation in order to keep that liberal party in power

for the existence of this Nation.  That Congress ceded the monetary system of

this Nation into the hands of private internationalists in violation of

Article I, Section 8, and forced the states to abrogate their mandates in

Article I, Section 10 of that Constitution making only gold and silver coin

as a tender of payment of debts.  That Congress has forcibly taken the God-given

heritage due the Posterity of this Nation, and reduced it to the status of

the slaves they took as war prize.  The violations committed by that body of

thieves are too numerous to calculate, and the treasons that Congress has

committed earns each and every member guilty of this treason a place in infamy

and the sentence of which that treason carries.


     Every public official, whether it be federal or state, is required to take

an Oath of Office before he is officially seated, to uphold the Constitution of

the "United States."  Since all Officials are under corporate jurisdiction of

the United States, they are mandated to obey its corporate rules and

regulations.  How would it be possible to do both if the United States still

recognized the entire Constitution and the Fourteenth Amendment?  Again, we go

back to the intent and purpose of the Civil War and its Fourteenth Amendment,

and that was to create a new and separate government.  If one doubts that this

split has not taken place try arguing "Constitutional rights" in any court of

the land and see how far you get.  These, so called, courts are set up to hear

facts, not law or rights.  Also, every state has in its Constitution that

every public official (elected, at the minimum) be a "United States" citizen.

In Louisiana, this requirement is carried in Section 2 of Article IV,

Constitution of the "State" of Louisiana, and reads:

          "To be eligible for any statewide elective office, a person, by

     the date of his qualification as a candidate, shall have attained the

     age of twenty-five years, be an elector, and have been a citizen of the

     United States and of this state for at least the preceding five years."

     If an Official is white, and is born within a state and outside the

jurisdiction of the federal government, then it is not possible that the

"Official" is a "United States" citizen unless he has been naturalized, (as has

been shown by extractions from Title 8, U.S.C.).  All white state Citizens are

automatically American Citizens but they are not automatically "United States"

citizens.  Only colored persons holding elective office in the corporate setup

are legally elected officials, as they are automatically United States citizens

from birth if they are born in this country.  All whites, who are state Citizens

and yet claim United States citizenship on the election qualifying records, have

committed a crime by submitting false information to election Officials.

"State Citizens" are "American Nationals" in addition to their state

citizenship.  This is automatic and has always been.  Section 1408

of Title 8, U.S.C. reads as follows:

Nationals but not citizens of the United States at birth

     "Unless otherwise provided in section 1401 of this title, the following

      shall be Nationals, but not citizens, of the United States at birth:

     "(1)  A person born in an outlying possession of the United States on or

           after the date of formal acquisition of such possession;

     "(2)  A person born outside the United States and its outlying possessions

           of parents both of whom are Nationals, but not citizens, of the

           United States, and have had a residence in the United States, or

           one of its outlying possessions prior to the birth of such person;

           and" ...

     Sub-paragraph (1) above pertains to those persons born in Guam,

American Samoa, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, or one of its acquired

possessions, such as military and naval bases, etc..  State Citizens are

defined in sub-paragraph (2), as they are born outside the United States

and the outlying possessions.  It has been shown that 51101(21)

of Title 8, U.S.C. gives the term "National" as meaning a person owing

permanent allegiance to a state.  It is important here to notice that

a small (s) on "state" when used by the United States means "a state

of the Union."  When it is referring to one of its "States", it is always

capitalized.  The next paragraph "(22)" of this same Section will clarify the

other definition of "National."

          "(22)  The term "National of the United States" means (A) a citizen

     of the United States, or (B) a person who, though not a citizen of

     the United States, owes permanent allegiance to the United States."

     If state Citizens are not included in this latter definition, then who

are they referring to?  They are the Indians, Eskimos, and possibly a few others

who cannot be brought into "United States National" status because of their

race.  It may be appropriate here to mention the fact that there are no more

"Indians not taxed" in this country.  They have all been brought within the

jurisdiction of the United States.

     For those real hard-core or die-hard cases who still refuse to accept these

citizenship facts, it would behoove them to go to the U.S. Tax Regulations and

Title 26, U.S.C., which is the guide used by all in income tax matters.  While

these documents are very difficult to read (and are made so intentionally and

for obvious reasons), one fact can be derived from reading just a few Chapters.

There are only three types of people listed in those documents who are of

interest to us, and they are "(1) United States Citizens",

"(2) Resident aliens", and "(3) Non-resident aliens."  Non-resident aliens

are those people who go from the states United into Washington (or one of

its possessions to work) and draw their income from the "United States"

((and foreigners residing there outside the diplomatic corps).  It also

includes servicemen and women and their dependents where ever they are

stationed.  The first two (Citizens of the United States and Resident aliens)

are the taxpayers mentioned throughout the tax codes.  Non-resident aliens are

non-taxpayers unless they have income derived from a source within the

United States, (and that includes any Corporation of which the United States

owns over fifty percent, such as Tennessee Valley Authority, and numerous

others).  "AMTRACK" is another possession of the "United States."

State citizens are non-resident aliens to the United States (as previously

mentioned).  The reason these state Citizens pay income and Social Security

taxes is because they either have income from within the United States or they

have volunteered to pay the taxes through the W-2 Forms or the 1040 Forms of

the IRS.  Social Security "taxes" are a "Class 5 gift tax," but like

income taxes, once you volunteer to pay these taxes by filing the Forms,

you are stuck until such time as you withdraw yourself from this "volunteer"

status.  Be advised that it is most dangerous to your well being to foolishly

stop paying these taxes until such time as you know and understand how to do it.

The federal prisons are full of persons who thought they knew, but didn't.

     This is an appropriate point to end this paper, for the last

paragraph above was the reason for the Civil War, the 14th Amendment,

and the "United States."  The United States today is a mere entity of

the United Nations and the Federal Reserve System is but one of the

financial institutions of the United Nations.  The Federal Reserve

creates "money" out of thin air, loans it to the "United States" for huge

interest rates, and it is paid by the sweat of the American people.

The near four trillion "dollars" owed the Federal Reserve and countries,

such as Japan, Germany, etc., carries with it an interest payment that is

breaking the backs of the American people.  Those really responsible for

that debt (United States citizens and Resident aliens) cannot question the debt.

Is that not the plan of February 11, 1862?  Even with the non-taxpayers paying

in their money monthly and annually, the debt can never be repaid.

"Debt" subsidized "money" must be borrowed over and over again to make the

system work.  For instance, if the United States stopped borrowing from the

Federal Reserve for one year the "Fed" would cease to exist (or at least

foreclose on the security put up by the United States) and that is the property

and bodies of every soul in this Nation.  If this isn't bad enough, when we get

bogged down in the "United Nations" we will be forced to feed the World (as if

we aren't doing that now).  The American people must like being led into slavery

as they keep the traitors in power, year after year, from the time of the

Civil War.  The only way out of this quagmire is to wipe the political slate

clean, oust every politician in power, and start anew.  Then insert safeguards

in the Constitution to ensure that the situation which exists in this Country

today never occurs again, and this can be done by having a rotating watchdog

over Congress, with the power of ouster for any who even thinks of debauching

the Constitution.  There are ways of stopping the criminal actions of the

Congress but all the people must be fed up with it enough to stop it.

Until then they deserve what they earn.


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